Don't Split The Party


Ok, show of hands: Anyone ever played Dungeons and Dragons? Ok, well, have you ever done a play about playing Dungeons and Dragons? Well, I have! It's called Don't Split the Party written by my friend Nathan Kessler-Jeffrey. 

DSTP was largely dialogue driven, but the tech elements of the show worked to enhance the experience of, essentially, watching a bunch of people play Dungeons and Dragons for two hours. 

This was a nice breather after SILON because Nathan included very few sound effects in his script, which meant I got to sleep in between designing. BUT, I also got to do something really cool: Create.​

We toyed with this idea of basement vs. dungeon, and Nathan allowed me to create some ambient tracks to play under the campaign to add a little extra dimension to the dialogue. I know absolutely nothing about D&D, so I was sort of flying by the seat of my pants and digging up all of the Lord of the Rings knowledge I had stored in the deep reaches of my brain. 

Listen below.