The Secret and Impossible League of the Noosphere in the Baltimore Plot


This show was one of my absolute favorites to do. I worked a lot and slept a little, and the end product was something of which I am supremely proud. 

Darian's script is equal parts science fiction and history--very Doctor Who-esque--as well as incredibly smart, funny, and meaningful. The major players are Ada Lovelace, Lord Byron, Nikola Tesla, and Kate Warne, all of whom live aboard a ship known as 'Mary Celeste', who exists both inside and outside time. This show wasn't as minimalist as the last sci-fi play that I did, but the demands of the world Darian created required a lot of innovation on my part. I worked with a composer for the first time, and got the chance to completely manufacture my own sound effects. The piece below was created in Logic Pro X using software instruments.

The hard work paid off, it seems, because in January of 2018 I was nominated by the Seattle Theatre Writers' Gypsy Rose Lee Award for Excellence in Sound Design, Small Theatre. 

This photo and the homepage photo by Roberta Christensen